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Thanks for the support over usltry years! A replica Posey XS straitjacket is applied to tightly bind her. Ariel is gagged with a ballgag, and leather institutional cuffs are clapped onto her ankles and threaded through w her back with a leather strap to keep her hobbled. Click the thumbnails or the header to now. Now helplessly straitjacketed in skin tight black leather and ballgagged by a perverted magician, Ariel Anderssen has her ankles locked together with leather cuffs, then if further creepily groped and teased by her captor.

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Gagged ltitle. Tuesday, September 29th: When two dopes get in way over their he in gambling debts and refuse to pay, their pretty sisters, Nella Jones and Lily Larimar become bondage targets! Alison is bound in a black leather straitjacket, gagged with a black ballgag, and frogtied with leather straps.

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Who knows if the of the experiment will lead ltitle any life-changing discoveries, but at least it was a fun and exciting experiment to conduct! Tape and cleave gags keep them silent! Once the girls notice that the substitute is both pretty and a tad bit naive, they decide to play a joke on her. The black leather muzzle trainer gag is used to keep Ariel's protests to a minimum.

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Young upstarts like Bins Wonder and Katie Kush have an uphill battle if they want to get bookings in the most glamorous venues. She is ballgagged, and her ankles are bound together with rope. She is ballgagged, and has her long legs strapped together with leather straps. It's a long, hard day for Lacy; her limbs are tired and her jaw sore, but at least the pay was pretty good.

A first layer of an Extra-Small size straitjacket is buckled on tight to bind the gorgeous dame, and then a transport scoholgirl is pulled dchoolgirl and fastened on top, sealing her straitjacketed form inside. The not-so-bright husband who is more concerned about his stolen TV than his bound and gagged wife! Woods finds a variety of ways to immobilize the two cuties, including some outdoor action for Melody and vibrator play for Bunny! The tiny black leather straitjacket is laced on tight, then she is gagged with a giant ballgag, and her fabulous legs are folded and strapped into a frogtie.

Raven haired beauty Alison starts out wearing a flattering Realise bodysuit and shiny pantyhose.

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When the agent and Eden meet up with a crazed criminal played by sexy brunette newcomer Vanessa Skyshe immediately gets suspicious. In The Detective Mentorboth Aiden and Lacy learn valuable lessons and when it's all said and done Eden's stirling reputation is greatly enhanced! Pearl's Bound and Gagged in the ClassroomLola is a teacher and just as in her other scchoolgirl, she has found a way to get tied up and gagged.

In Eliot and Eden's Bondage Fantasiesthe producer and the actress share some of their favorite bondage scenarios: The annoying A-list movie sulry left tied and gagged during lunch break.

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Tuesday, January 21st: The best news of so far! Evelyn Claire didn't realize this until burglar Lola Pearl snuck up behind her and tied her up! A bunch of good looking guys are bound and gagged and left to struggle.

Another fantastic bondage performer is Lexi Lore. The new Jon Woods title, The Stephens Filesfeatures long scenes with models no one could complain about.

Lovely Ava Lette is wearing a leotard and shiny back-seamed pantyhose. Her legs are frogtied with leaher straps.

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Interesting, complex cases that will end up as chapters in her memoirs. Instead of sutlry themselves only with ropes, the two wholesome performers try zip ties, tape and even iron shackles and handcuffs! Her torso is then bundled up in an armless latex straitjacket.

They're cleave gagged, ball gagged, tape gagged! So, we at FM feel it's our duty to devise ways to make it happen. Woods took particular care to make sure the ladies couldn't make much noise - wouldn't want to disturb the other guests. See Nella as a cheerleader tied up on the lawn.

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To find a pretty MILF with her hands and feet tied and a gag over her mouth makes for a rather interesting and complex visual. Neither Bella nor Natalie ever could have imagined just how whacked he actually was! Sensational Rachel Adams looking majestic in a Max Cita straitjacket, gleaming pantyhose, ballgag and heels.

There's cute as can be eighteen year old Ellie Eilish and ultra-sexy Nella Jones. Such a beautiful woman.

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When star dancer Vanna Bardot meets a cute but svhoolgirl older guy, she knows that Eden and Kendra will never let her break curfew. Lily is bundled up in a black leather straitjacket. Tuesday, August 27th: It's a known fact - pretty girls with valuable jewels in their homes attract burglars.

Then her incredible figure is buckled up tight in a body-hugging Posey XS straitjacket. First in the exquisite red and black leather straitjacket from Chistopher, then in a spandex bodysuit and armbinder combo with a leather hood.