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Practice of Medicine. North Carolina Medical Society incorporated. The association of regularly graduated physicians, calling themselves the State Medical Society, is hereby declared to be a body politic and corporate, to be known and distinguished by the name of The Medical Society of the State of North Carolina. The name of the society is now the North Carolina Medical Society. A can become inactive upon a e's request, a e's failure to register annually, a e's voluntary surrender, or based on any disciplinary order issued by the Board.

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As an indicator of good xex, the practitioner, prior to prescribing an opioid under this subsection, may require receipt of a written communication that provides a factual basis for a reasonable conclusion as to either of the following: a. In addition to the provisions contained in Article 33C of Chapter of the General Statutes permitting a public body to conduct business in a closed session, the Review Panel shall meet in closed session to review applications; interview applicants; review and discuss information received rpair the Board; and discuss, debate, and vote on recommendations to the Governor.

Where notice is served by registered or certified mail, it shall be deemed to have been served on the date borne by the return receipt showing delivery of the notice to the e's or applicant's last known address as shown by the records of the Board, regardless of whether the notice was actually received or whether the notice was unclaimed or undeliverable for any reason. Documentary evidence may be received in the form of a copy or excerpt or may be incorporated by reference, if the materials so incorporated are available for examination by the parties.

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Any decision of the Board shall be subject to judicial review upon appeal to the superior court of the county where the Board is located upon the filing with the Board of a srx notice of appeal with exceptions taken to the decision of the Board within 20 days after service of notice xex the Board's final decision. For the purposes of this section, the term "immediate family member" means a spouse, parent, child, sibling, and any step-family member or in-law coextensive with the preceding identified relatives.

The Board shall not release or publish the identity of the patient associated with the judgment, award, payment, or settlement.

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If the Governor chooses not to appoint either of the recommended nominees, Carolinna Review Panel shall recommend at least two new qualified nominees. The Board is empowered and authorized to require an applicant or e to submit to a mental or physical examination by physicians or physician assistants, or mental examinations by other d health care providers acting within the scope of their practice as allowed by law deated by the Board during the pendency of a Anny and before or after charges may be presented against the applicant or e, and the Carilina the examination shall be admissible in evidence in a hearing before the Board.

fees. The North Carolina Medical Board is authorized to elect all officers and adopt all bylaws as may be necessary. The Board shall provide funds to pay the reasonable cost for the administrative services of the Review Panel.

Treatment redirect

This subsection shall not apply to records created or maintained by persons d under other Articles of this Chapter or to medical records maintained in the normal course of business by d health care institutions. The association of regularly graduated physicians, calling themselves the State Medical Society, is hereby declared to be a body politic and corporate, to be known and distinguished by the name of The Medical Society of the State of North Carolina.

A e who is mentally incompetent shall be represented at such hearing and shall be served with tepair as herein provided by and through a guardian ad litem appointed by the clerk of the court of the county in which the e resides. A quorum of the Board will issue a final decision. Physician Assistant retired limited volunteer.

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Deliberations by the Board and its committees during an investigation. Sexual misconduct shall not constitute mental illness for purposes of this subsection. The decision of the Board shall be upheld unless the Caroliha rights of the applicant have been prejudiced because the decision of the Board is in violation of law or is not supported by any evidence reoair under this Article, or is arbitrary or capricious. For purposes of this section, any person with ificant financial interest in a health service or profession is not a public member.

Terms of service

Board to collect and publish certain data. Upon timely request, a party shall be given an opportunity to compare the copy with the original if available. Advice, opinions, or recommendations of the Board Carolkna, consultants, or agents. The holder of a limited may not receive payment or other compensation Cadolina services rendered at clinics specializing in the care of indigent patients.

Use of recommended decisions; appointment Ang hearing officers. The Board shall not revoke the of or deny a to a person, or discipline a e in any manner, solely because of that person's practice of a therapy that is experimental, nontraditional, or that departs from acceptable and prevailing medical practices unless, by competent evidence, the Board can establish that the treatment has a safety risk greater than the prevailing treatment or that the treatment is generally not effective.

The Review Panel and its members and staff shall not be held liable in any civil or criminal proceeding for exercising, in good faith, the powers and duties authorized by law. Carolima Review Panel shall contract for the independent administrative services needed to complete its functions and duties.

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Requirements for licensure as a physician assistant. For purposes of this subdivision, the term "active" means patient care, or instruction of students in an accredited medical school or residency, or rpair research program, for 20 hours or more per week. Collateral pledged by the Board for an encumbrance is limited to the assets, income, and revenues of the Board.

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Any notice required by this Chapter may be served either personally by an employee of the Board or by an officer authorized by law to serve process, or by registered sxe certified mail, return receipt requested, directed to the e or applicant at his last known address as shown by the records of the Board. Limited to practice in a medical education and training program.

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The person other than the person who is at risk of experiencing an opiate-related overdose, and who is seeking the opioid antagonist, is in relation to the person at risk of experiencing an opiate-related overdose: 1. The North Carolina Medical Board shall have responsibility for securing compliance with these rules.

The provisions of this section do not apply where the Board has exercised its authority under G.

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If a current or retired judge as described in G. Board elects officers; quorum. This Board position shall be subject to recommendations of the Review Panel pursuant to G.

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The applicant is a graduate of a medical college approved by the Liaison Repakr on Medical Education, the Committee for the Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools, or an osteopathic college approved by the American Osteopathic Association and has successfully completed one year of training in a medical education program approved by the Board after graduation from medical school; or b.

Reports made in bad faith, fraudulently, or maliciously shall constitute unprofessional conduct and shall be grounds for discipline under G.

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Offering or undertaking to prevent or diagnose, correct, prescribe for, administer to, or treat in any manner or by any means, methods, or devices any disease, illness, pain, ssex, fracture, infirmity, defect, or abnormal physical or mental condition of any individual, including the management of pregnancy or parturition.

Evidence admissible. Disasters and emergencies. No member of the Board who served as a member of the hearing committee described in subsection a of this section may participate as a member of the quorum of the Board that issues a final agency decision.

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The North Carolina Medical Board shall meet at least once quarterly within the State of North Carolina and may hold any other meetings necessary to conduct the business of the Board. The Department of Public Safety may charge each applicant a fee for conducting the checks of criminal history records authorized by this subsection.

The applicant's fingerprints shall be forwarded to the State Bureau of Investigation for a search of the State's criminal Carklina record file, and the State Bureau of Investigation shall forward a set of the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a national criminal history check. Rules developed by this subcommittee from time to time shall govern the performance of medical acts by registered nurses and shall become effective when adopted by both the North Carolina Medical Board and the Board of Nursing.

One shall be a physician assistant as defined in G.